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Welcome to my website!
My aim is to provide information and resources for Science, Technology and Engineering for teachers, students and enthusiasts of all ages.
Making things is a fantastic way to learn and be inventive - it’s loads of fun too!

Olympic Stadium Project

Some fantastic pictures and events from July 2012

Bletchley Park

Bleeps and Buzzers

family workshops


Bletchley Park, otherwise known as ‘STATION X’, is near Milton Keynes and it is well worth spending a full day there!


WW1 and 2

At Bletchley Park you can see all sorts of amazing inventions relating to the breaking of enemy coded transmissions from the Second World War.

A big ‘thank you’ to the couple who helped us test out the Morse Code activity before the family groups arrived. The instructions for assembling the buzzer circuit are on the ‘Morse Code buzzer’ page in the ‘D and T projects section’. Please get in touch if there are any queries and many thanks once again.

The new Wear bridge

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It’s not often you get the chance to witness the start to finish construction of a brand new road bridge!

I’m very lucky to live and work near the construction site and every day I can see what progress is being made.

Watch this space for my
‘Wear bridge Project’

The bridge is due to be completed in 2018 and I have been working on a school project in which the bridge can be modeled and used to study structures and forces.


The central towers of the bridge are made from two long card tubes fixed to an mdf base. Cables (strings) from the towers support the road deck.


Click this picture to go to the
New Wear Bridge page

New for 2015 -2016

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Raspberry Pi Control Projects

‘Raspberry Pi Days’ in schools

Scratch and Python programming

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The world War 1 and 2 activities involve: The Technology of war; Communications; Secret Codes; Bridges and transport; Gunnery and the flight of projectiles; gadgets and inventions such as the periscope.

You may be interested in the following services or resources:

Interactive Science and Technology Shows and lecture presentations for various age groups covering a wide range of topics

Staff Inset days and curriculum development

A wide range of STEM Projects

Science and DT workshops
with pupils of all ages

Family learning events

Problem solving challenges

Outdoor team challenge activities

Development of educational resources for various organizations eg. museums, schools, colleges, universities and LEA’s

Resources for Science, DT, Engineering and model making

’Make and do’ creative workshops

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My favourite topic at the moment is energy. There are all sorts of things to make and do on this topic and there are all sorts of problems to solve which will benefit us, our planet and the generations that follow! So, why not get involved and start thinking about energy!

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Solar powered vehicles

Will solar powered electric cars ever be viable and solve one of our biggest energy and pollution problems?

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15-5-11 034a02

We can investigate this problem by making some simple but very interesting model vehicles that really work.
They are electric vehicles that move when the sun shines on them!

No batteries required!

solar car may 2011 spoiler02

The video below was made on a moderately sunny day quite early in the morning. The cars will go a lot faster at midday and when the sky is clear!

19-8-11 029a

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