2012 Stadium

Here are some pictures and descriptions of stadiums built by a number of schools in July 2012 as part of their Olympic Celebrations. (more to be added asap)

If you would like to share your stadium project pictures then please get in touch.

Toner Avenue Primary School in Hebburn ,Tyne and Wear produced some amazing stadiums.

Each class designed and built their own stadium.

The Stadia were exhibited in the school hall and parents were invited to come and see them.

Things were even more special because they had a visit from one of the Olympic Torch Bearers and lots of pupils, parents and teachers had their photographs taken with the torch.

toner stad 003a

Part of the opening ceremony and parade of teams from all of the nations

toner stad 008a

This looks like the 100m sprint final!

toner stad 012a

I think this must be a stand with special guests of the sponsors ‘Premier Scaffolding’.

toner stad 005a

Wow! What an amazing swimming pool!

toner stad 010a

Can you see the big screen?

toner stad 011a

It looks like we have swimming, weightlifting and team javelin throwing going on at the same time. The crowd don’t know which event to watch!

Sorry about this but I can’t resist sharing my moment of fame with everyone. Nick, The Torch Bearer, was brilliant. He gave the children a motivational talk about trying hard, taking part and working as a team. Then he spent ages being photographed with children, parents and staff  - with the torch of course!

toner stad 018a
toner stad 022a
tom and nic baton pass a

I couldn’t resist sharing in all the fun. We even tried a new Olympic Sport called ‘passing the torch’.

Well done to the Staff, Pupils and Parents from Toner Avenue school for such a brilliant effort.

A special thank you to Teacher
Mr. David Tosh for organizing the event.

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