2015 Eclipse
eclipse2015 021

Friday 20th March 2015

This pic of the eclipse was taken with a simple hand held digital camera focused on the tracing paper screen of a home made pinhole camera viewer.

The home made viewer was a little bit bigger than the normal cereal box viewers! It was made from two 2metre long cardboard carpet roll tubes joined together.
It has a tracing paper screen at the viewing end and a milk bottle top with a hole in it at the ‘pinhole’ end. A cardboard box and a curtain helped with the ‘blackout’.

eclipse2015 038
eclipse2015 009

The tube was rather long so I had to lean it against the fence and manoeuvre it with a rope!

The sky was rather cloudy at first so it was very frustrating and I missed the beginning of the eclipse although it was possible to see where to point the viewer because of the brightness of the sky.

eclipse2015 014
eclipse2015 005

At last the sky cleared, although remained hazy throughout the eclipse, and I took lots of photographs like this one. I like this one because you can see my reflection coincident with the sun and moon! It looks like my head has been replaced by the Sun!

Great weather for viewing an eclipse!!!!

eclipse2015 015

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