Ancient Britons

The Ancient Britons made houses from tree trunks, branches, reeds, grass and mud plaster.

They were called ‘roundhouses’.

A fire was set in the middle for cooking and warmth and the chimney was the hole in the cone shaped roof.


Here are some amazing roundhouses made from card, straws and modeling foam.

They were made by children at The George Stephenson Railway Museum in North Shields, Tyne and Wear on February 20th 2011.

Well done everyone, they are brilliant!

Lost name1
Tina and Belinda1
James and William1



Tina and Belinda

James and William

Please let me know if I have mixed up the names!!!

Here are some pictures drawn by artists and historians showing what the roundhouses may have been like.

roundhouse2[1] ThumbDCP04603[1]

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