Basic vehicle assembly

There are all sorts of ways to make vehicles but this way is the best yet!
It allows a very lightweight vehicle to be constructed which can then be used in all sorts of activities and investigations.

eg. Methods of powering a vehicle: Wind, elastic bands, balloons, motors and even rocket power!
eg. Science Investigations: Ramp tests, bodywork design and streamlining, hill climbing, friction etc.


The basic set of parts to make a balloon powered vehicle which goes very fast.

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Modeling foam which can be drilled with a pointed dowel is used because it is lightweight and easy to work with.

Note: This is not polystyrene!!!!

An accurately positioned hole is required which is parallel to the front edge of the vehicle (or at 90 degrees to the long sides).

Wooden dowel axles are positioned in the holes made by the dowel drill.

Plastic bearings fit into wheel centres. This allows the wheels to spin freely with very little friction.

Small plastic axle clips push on to stop the wheels from falling off.

The basic vehicle chassis and wheels completed.

A balloon and tube held in place by an elastic band are all that is needed to a make a simple ‘jet’ engine.

A support pillar is used to hold the tube and attach it to the chassis.

The completed basic powered vehicle.

It goes incredibly quickly because it is so light!

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