Boxed Kits for sale

A range of boxed project kits to make a variety of working models. Each kit has all of the parts and full instructions to build a model and modify or improve it using your own inventive skills.

Currently there are 14 different boxed project kits for sale and these are pictured below and listed in the price table at the bottom of the page.

Land Yacht Racer - basic model

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This amazing land yacht is great fun to build and operate. Wooden dowels are used as the axles and masts for the sail(s). The central chassis is a strip of wood with holes drilled at intervals. The wheels, axles and masts can be positioned as required and the challenge is to come up with a variety of land yacht designs. Which design will be the fastest? - you will need a breeze to find out!

Land Yacht Racer - advanced model

20-1-14 029aa

The advanced kit contains a lot more parts and allows a greater variety of designs some of which are shown below. You can even devise a suspension system so the land yacht can cope with an uneven surface. It’s amazing how fast the land yacht can go even in a light breeze. Indoors you can blow it along with a desk fan! String can be used to fix the angle of the sails so that it can travel at high speed just like a racing yacht.

20-1-14 027aa 20-1-14 019a1 14-1-14 003a1 20-1-14 022a1

Lord William Armstrong’s Hydraulic Crane

25-10-10 003b
25-10-10 001b

The kit pictured above is for a working model of Lord William Armstrong’s Hydraulic Crane which operated on Newcastle quayside around 1850. There are two versions of the crane:

Wooden crane

17-8-10 088a

Plastic Modeling foam crane

17-8-10 050a

The models are 20cm high and will move up and down to lift a model load using a hook or magnet. Extra parts are included for your own modifications and experiments.

The idea behind the project kits is that young people learn some science and acquire practical constructional skills by making a working model (instructions supplied and supported by pictures and notes on the website) and then they are challenged to modify, improve or completely redesign the product which they have made.

The projects have been developed with a sense of fun and the intention is to encourage young people to experiment and enjoy making and inventing things.

You will need:
Just the usual stationery items such as scissors, glue stick and pens etc.

Age range
The project kits contain small parts and should not be given to very young children as toys. Children aged 8 years and younger should have help from a grown up in making the models.

Buzzer Game Project
Make the classic ‘buzz off’ steady hand game and have great fun beating the buzzer. Design your own ‘loop the loop’ curly wire shapes. Can you change it into a two player game? Can you make a light turn on when the buzzer buzzes or switch between the buzzer or bulb so that it doesn’t annoy the grown ups? Make a Morse code buzzer and send secret messages. Build a gadget which can tell you if a circuit is complete or if a fuse is intact. Design a ‘buzzer-man’ who bleeps when you press him.

buzz game mod a
Buzz off game

Balloon Powered Car and vehicle projects
Make a basic vehicle and think of ways to make it move. Can a balloon push it along? Design a body for your vehicle and experiment with how to make it go faster - I think you’ll be amazed at how fast it goes! Can wind power make a vehicle go? Have you heard of a sport called ‘land yachting’? Make a land yacht and design body and sails to make it go as fast as possible.

Balloon powered car

Torch Projects
Make a basic torch then add a reflector. Use a lensed bulb to make a spotlight. Experiment with reflections from mirrors and shadows on a simple translucent screen. Make a shadow torch. Make a ‘light-bulb-head’ character. Make a lighthouse with flashing light. Design switches to help make a Morse code flasher. Find out about fibre optic cable and lots more. What will you invent?

torchkitpkt000202 Torches and light project

Motor Projects
Connect a motor to a battery and make it spin. Design a switch to control the motor. Add a card disc and make a spinning colour wheel which produces all sorts of spinning coloured effects. Make a spinning number wheel which can be used instead of dice in a board game. Invent your own board game and a special spinning wheel to go with it - you can have spinning names, pictures or colours.


Make a moving object or creature which comes alive when you switch it on. Make a motorised vehicle which whizzes along the floor. Make a cooling fan. Make a propeller driven vehicle. Try to invent a machine which draws patterns on paper! The possibilities are endless!


Magnetic games and novelties
Investigate all sorts of different types and shapes of magnet and make various magnetic games including a fishing and ‘crab football’ game. Try some magnet tricks and and make a ‘spinning character’ who hangs by a magnet and spins by a jet of air or by the warm air rising from a radiator. You can also make a gravity defying bat who seems to float in the air and needs a string to stop him leaving the ground!

Balista ‘siege machine’
Build a contraption for firing a boulder to knock down castle walls! Siege machines like this were used in wars in ancient and mediaeval times. Famous scientists and engineers such as Archimedes and Leonardo Da Vinci designed them and they were used in battles before gunpowder and cannons were invented. How far can you hurl the boulder? How can it be triggered to fire? The basic structure is made from wooden dowels and plastic strips. Elastic bands provide the power.

Balista siege machine
Air motor vehicle

Air motor vehicle
This strange vehicle is powered by a propeller attached to an air motor. The motor works like a steam engine but uses compressed air from a pump (supplied with the kit) to power the motor. The air is stored in the blue bottle and when the propeller is flicked round it bursts into life and pushes the vehicle along at great speed. The vehicle chassis is made from wood with wooden dowel axles and lightweight plastic foam wheels.

Solar Powered Vehicle

A fast lightweight vehicle powered by a superior quality solar panel not available through any other supplier!

19-8-11 025a

A superior quality solar panel rated at
1.5 Volts

15-5-11 044a 19-8-11 001a02 15-5-11 034a
19-8-11 028a

The kit contains all of the parts with full instructions to make a solar powered vehicle and to design and make your own bodywork in brightly coloured lightweight plastazote foam and card. A second solar panel can be purchased to provide more power.

Kit Prices and contents

 Please note: The kits contain all of the parts to make the models as described above together with full instructions and additional materials for further development of the models.

Armstrong’s Hydraulic Crane wooden model


Armstrong’s Hydraulic Crane Plastic Foam model


‘Buzz off’ game


Balloon Powered Car


Torch Projects


Motor Projects


Magnetic Games and Novelties


Solar Powered Vehicle with one solar panel


Solar Powered Vehicle with two solar panels


Solar panel


Land Yacht basic model


Land Yacht Advanced model


Balista siege machine


Air motor vehicle


Postage costs and ordering:
£5.00 per single boxed item with a reduction depending upon quantity ordered. Details of postage costs will be provided by e-mail on request or when an order is made.

Postage charge for a single solar panel is £1.00p.

VAT is not charged.

Orders from schools: Order in the usual way using your normal proforma. Make sure to include an order number. E-mail or post to:

 T Mulholland. 34 The Chase, Washington, Tyne and Wear, NE38 9DX. .


Orders from individuals: Payment by cheque before the goods are sent.

Orders dispatched within 10 days.

Full refund if you are not entirely satisfied with any of the products.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any queries or comments about these products or any items on the website.

Please note: The photographs above only show some of the parts in the kits or some of the possible products. It’s good to leave some things to the imagination!

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