Coloured gel puppets

Coloured gel film can be used to great effect in making ‘stained glass window’ models and shadow puppet models. It’s best to laminate the gel first. This makes it stronger and easier to cut with scissors or a paper cutter. It also seems to brighten the colour!

gel expts 001a
gel expts 003a
gel expts 006a

Transparent film is used as the ‘glass’ and the coloured gel parts are cut out and glued on with a thin layer of pritt stick. Ordinary sellotape is then added in layers and the whole thing can be laminated to seal it in.

An interesting effect is produced if the gel is stuck onto tracing paper rather than ohp film. It gives a lovely translucent effect which softens the colours.

These pictures show a whale puppet which is part of a shadow puppet show.

You can see the shadow of the body of the whale cast by the opaque card.

You can also see the blue, orange and green colours of the water spout, tail and eye.

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