D and T Projects

Here is a list of all of my Design and Technology projects to date, although I may have forgotten a few!

They are in approximate order of age/complexity starting with the simplest but some projects span a wide age range and, as with most DT projects, there’s always someone who comes up with an idea that allows it to be taken to another level. That’s what is so great about this subject!

There is also a lot of crossover with Science and many of the projects lend themselves to the development of Science Investigations.

Flying fish and helicopters


Playground structures

Land yachts and basic vehicles

Wind up inventions and scenes

Magnetic games

Balloon cars

Moving creatures and scenes

Weather instruments

Spinning turbine novelties

Pneumatic and hydraulic creations


Water powered garden novelties


Structures eg. bridges

Lifting bridges eg. Tower Bridge

Giant structures

Olympic stadiums

WWI and WWII structures and scenes

Motorized battle tanks

Anderson shelters


Siege towers and machines

Ballistas and trebuchets

Celtic roundhouses

Torches and light up products

Electric Buzzer games

Morse code bleepers and alarms

Cam and crank mechanisms

The Bowes ‘Silver Swan’

Clockwork toys

Wind powered novelties

Wooden frame games

Rockets and planes


Motorized inventions

Motorized vehicles

Moon buggies

Crazy dodgem cars

Motorized fairground rides

Solar powered vehicles

Wall.e robots

Helping hands litter picks

Robot arms

Saxon dwellings and villages

Chinese dragons large and small

Raspberry Pi control systems

Musical instruments

Sound effects

The Colosseum

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Sydney Harbour bridge

Victorian toys

Trundle toys (The War Horse ‘duck’)

Boats various eg. paddle boats

‘Climb the string’ toys



Flying fish1 rides0006[1]a helicopter1 winder0002[1]a
rides0005[1]a mini_yacht0001[1]a
bede dragon eye
bede dragon 1
3 flying fish helicopters
ballista roll tube sawing stripwood
frame game 1 car0005[1]a
mag_games0003[1]a cams octopus1 pneumatic_monster_w102[1]
stadium[1]a Marden stadium1 monsters0002[1]a
bridge grindon inf
roundhouse1 Copy of wooden crane1 foam crane1 rides0009[1]a
torch basic1 MMagic0004[1]a siege towers1
people carrier1
fairground ride1
help hands 2
help hands 1
bede water turb lifting man
bede water lever
fairg ride
cam toys
penguin cam
swan a swan2 003
swan b
solar_car_may_2011_spoiler[1]1 dh_dodgems[1]a elec veh drive roll_tube_crane0002_w[1]a

See the Wall.e video on ‘youtube’ on the technologytom channel.

air motor veh


It’s amazing what you can do with plastic modeling foam, wooden dowels, card, paper tubes, tape and string etc.!

More pics to be added soon!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about Design and Technology projects then please write in. Photographs of projects are welcomed and will be displayed with your permission.



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