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A datalogger is a piece of science equipment which can collect and store (log) useful measurements (data) from science experiments.
Dataloggers can be all sorts of shapes and sizes but they have several things in common.
1. They display the measurements being made as numbers with units.
2. They record the measurements and can plug into a computer to download and display them.
3. They have ‘sensors’ or ‘probes’ which plug in and lead to the experiment in order to ‘sense’ what is happening eg. is the temperature changing?

The datalogger screen above shows 3 measurements being made and these are:

Temperature in OC      degrees Celsius

Light level in     Lux     Lux (Latin for light)

Sound level in dB       Decibels


Datalogging software can process the data and display it on a computer screen either as numbers or as graphs.

Graphs show us how our measurements are changing in picture form.

22-11-09 015a

This photograph shows a temperature probe plugged into a datalogger.
The probe is placed in a container of ice.

What would you expect the temperature to be?

Think of some things which could be investigated with the help of a datalogger.

Describe the investigation you would perform.

What would you be trying to find out?

What equipment would you need?

What plan would you follow?

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