Different types of scientific enquiry

Different types of scientific enquiry

Fair testing

     Relationships between variables. Cause and effect.

Surveys and patterns in data

    Where variables cannot readily be controlled by us.
    1. Data relating to diet or tooth decay.
    2. Weather monitoring.


    Sorting according to observed similarities in characteristics.
    1. Materials, properties and related uses.
    2. Living things.

Exploring and observing over time

     Changes in frog-spawn.

Problem solving (D and T link!)

    1. Using classification data to help design a type of switch for a circuit.
    2. Using knowledge of materials properties to help design a shadow theatre.

Investigating a ‘model’

    Reconciling real observations with the predictions from a scientific theory or model.
    1. Molecules in solids, liquids and gases.
    2. Planetary motion using an orrery.

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