Investigation proforma examples

A simple observations sheet eg. for use when making basic observations or comparisons.

For example: When comparing the melting of ice with the dissolving of sugar in water pupils can often use the word melting to describe the ‘disappearance’ of sugar into water. It is worthwhile doing a very simple experiment in which making observations is the main aim to help explain what is happening.

A good way to do this comparison is to use plastic cups and place an ice cube in one and a sugar cube in the other.

Then complete this observation sheet...

Science Investigation: Strength of Paper tubes


What effect does the amount of paper used in a roll tube have on the strength?


Describe in sentences

  • What you are going to measure


  • What you are going to change


  • What you are going to keep the same








Results (in a table)




Discussion of results




Does the length of a paper tube make any difference to the strength of the tube?

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