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18th March 2013

Hi Technology Tom,

We have looked at your fab website. We really liked the swing and seesaw.. we think we might try to make a park!

We also liked the cars, bridge and fishing rod!

We can't wait to recieve your package and get making things and will send you photo's of us in action.

Speak soon,

Libby, Hayden and Locklin


Hi Libby, Hayden and Locklin

Thank you for the nice things you have said about my website.

I am busy getting all of the materials together to send. It may take a few weeks because you live such a long way from England. Have a look on a map and see if you can work out how far the parcel will have to travel.

Can you tell me anything about your town and the country you live in? It would be very interesting for the people here in England.

I have found a map which shows where you are....


Cunnamulla is the red spot

 3rd April 2013

G'day Technology Tom,

We have just received the package of D and T project kits you have sent us in the post all the way from England and they are just great! We can't wait to start making cars and playgrounds and even thought we might try to make a crane out of some of the parts.. what do you think? We will let you know how it goes.

We live in a small town in outback Australia called Cunnamulla. There are lots of cattle and sheep farms around and we often help out at Granny Bee and Poppy Pete's farm where we muster the animals up. There are lots of Kangaroo's and Emu's about, a bit like rabbits and sparrows in England.

Hope to hear from you soon, and thanks heaps!

From Libby, Hayden and Locklin


Hi Libby, Hayden and Locklin

Iím glad youíve received the parcel and Iím looking forward to hearing about the things you make. The crane sounds like a great idea. You must send some photoís of the things you make. Donít forget to be very careful with the small bits and pieces because little babies and toddlers put all sorts of things in their mouths!

Bye for now