MPD Diploma

The Manufacturing and Product Design Diploma offers some great opportunities for exciting and challenging team project activities.


A total of thirty students were involved and they were divided into 5 groups of 6.
After each person constructed a single cantilever they discussed possible designs for the stadium based upon the type of events it might host and upon designs they had seen before - the Stadium of Light is only a few miles away so there was quite an influence here!

These photographs show year 10 students at Monkwearmouth College in Sunderland taking part in the Stadium Project.
The challenge was to design and construct an Olympic stadium based upon a structural unit called a cantilever.
Instruction was given on how to assemble a single cantilever then the rest was left to the teams to work out for themselves.


This type of project is ideal for giving students the opportunity to demonstrate Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills.

The project itself can also act as a vehicle for the delivery of learning skills, knowledge and understanding within specific Lines of Learning. For example, a stadium provides a service and operates as a business. All of the common activities within the stadium reflect what happens in various businesses from small shops to large companies employing many staff. All of the diploma Lines of Learning require students to be aware of the structure and operation of a business.


Many thanks to staff and students at Monkwearmouth College.

Well done Year 10!

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