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Hi Amy
Here are some pictures to go with the models I sent......

Helping Hands Project

23-9-13 005a

This is the litter pick or ‘helping hands’ project.

The idea is to make a device which can pick up an object at a distance eg. litter but it could also be a dangerous material or bacteria sample etc. (adds more excitement).

Simple card models precede the final product which is made from wood strip and dowel. Tools are required: hammer, drill, bradawl. An operating lever can be added to make the jaws close and hold an object. The string pulls the jaws closed. The photo’ shows an incomplete product.

Here are some products made by year 5 pupils at Bede primary academy in Northumberland

23-9-13 004a
21-3-10 012

Paper tube, dowels, string and elastic bands modeling stage.

19-4-10 001

Creating a strong corner joint using hardboard triangles.

The pupils all had the same starting materials available and came up with their own solutions then tested their products using small plastic sample bottles which had to be picked and placed accurately.

They also tried picking up and pouring containers with liquid.

5-6-10 006 5-6-10 007
5-6-10 001 5-6-10 002

Roman siege machines: Ballista
Paper roll tubes are used in conjunction with wooden dowels to make a basic structure which can be modified to ‘hurl’ a ping pong ball. The machine is powered by an elastic band (good science link). Great fun and can be used as part of a project on castles.

23-9-13 009a 23-9-13 011a

Cams project
This basic set of parts can make a moving mechanism in which a cam makes a lever (follower) move up and down as a handle (crank handle) is turned. All sorts of scenes and toys etc. can be modeled using this basic mechanism. (see DT section on Cams).

23-9-13 006a 23-9-13 008a

A wooden version of the cams project with video clip is ion the ‘cams and cranks’ page in the DT projects section.

I have detailed powerpoint presentations to go with the Cams, Roll tube structures (cranes etc) and ‘helping hands’ projects.

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