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Here are a few pics and short video clips showing how the Raspberry Pi (RPi) can be used in ‘control’ projects.

pi and io devices

The Raspberry Pi is an amazing miniature computer computer circuit board.

It has the usual connectors for mouse, keyboard, monitor, network etc. It also has a special connector which allows it to control ‘output devices’ such as leds, lamps, buzzers and motors.

The output devices can be controlled by a program called a script written in a programming language such as ‘scratch’ or ‘python’.

The RPi connects to an IO (input-output) board. This has circuits which protect the RPi and allows physical connections to be made to input switches and motors etc (IO devices).


There are 8 coloured leds which can be turned on and off in any sequence and for time periods set by the commands used in the program (script). This clip shows a ‘light chaser’.

A motor fitted with a propeller can be turned on/off. In this example a special magnetic switch called a reed switch is being used to start the fan. The fan turns back off again automatically after a short time delay.

Here is an idea based on the very well known ‘buzz off’ game. If the hoop touches the loop the buzzer sounds for a set period before you can continue. It can also count the number of ‘buzzes’.

The program running in the Rpi can detect when the switch is pressed. The motor turns the ‘tower’ for several seconds then stops and waits to be commanded by the program to turn on again.

Scratch scripts provide a fantastic challenge for pupils and staff alike! Everyone can achieve something which produces a fun and interesting effect on screen eg. shape drawing or even planetary motion. There’s no limit to how far children can go with their programming!

Pic 1[1]

Raspberry Pi Days

A Raspberry Pi Day is a great way to have fun learning about computer control using the Raspberry Pi computer, an interface board and a variety of I/O devices eg. switches, sensors, motors, lamps, leds and buzzers.

Learn how to use the ‘Scratch’ software program to write scripts for manipulating graphics on screen as well as using sound and the I/O devices to simulate all sorts of real life projects eg. Traffic lights, quiz games, alarms, moving fairground rides, Buggies etc.

All of the programs written on the day will be yours to keep on the free SD memory cards used in the RPi’s during the session.

Lots more free example programs are provided too!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have an queries or require further information about Raspberry Pi days or about using the Raspberry Pi in Control Projects.


0790 6402 704

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