Solar car kit

Solar powered vehicle kit

This kit of parts makes a fantastic solar powered vehicle. You can design and make your own body to fit on top of the chassis and experiment with vehicle speed by changing the drive pulleys on the electric motor.

See the ‘Boxed kits for sale pages’ for prices of this and other fun and interesting projects.

19-8-11 037a

A battery is supplied so that the vehicle will run as a combined solar-electric and battery-electric car.

You could replace the normal battery by a rechargeable battery just like in a real electric car.

The difference is that your vehicle can charge up the battery from the Sun and then power the vehicle when required!

You can even design your own solar powered charging station with the solar panel on the station roof! This reduces the weight of the vehicle!

Designing the body for the vehicle is great fun - here is a body made from card by a student at Monkwearmouth College in Sunderland.

19-8-11 001a
19-8-11 003a

Look at the detail in the car interior!!!!
Steering wheel and dashboard controls.

19-8-11 004a

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