Stadium Competition

Prize Draw Winners drawn today
Thursday 12th July 2012 at 6.00pm



Prize Draw 1st: £100 cash

Awarded to Beaconsfield Primary School
Middlesex  Draw No. T0659



Prize Draw 2nd: Solar vehicles kits value £50

Awarded to Hammersmith Academy London
Draw No. T0688



Prize Draw 3rd: Solar vehicles kits value £50
Awarded to Heathcote School Chingford
 Draw No. T0686


The winning schools will be contacted within the next 5 days


Stadium Project Prizes will be award in the week of
Monday 16th July.

Make sure to e-mail details of your entry to


Best Stadium Project Primary

Prize: £100 cash


 Best Stadium Project Secondary

Prize: £100 cash


Runner up Primary

Prize: Solar vehicles kits value £50


Runner up Secondary

Prize: Solar vehicles kits value £50

‘Design and Build an Olympic Stadium’ Competition

Keep a record using photo’s, video, sketches and notes of your Stadium Project and enter the competition as follows:


Compose an A4 two page maximum summary of your Stadium Project using Word, Publisher or Powerpoint and incorporating pictures to describe your stadium. Post it on your school blog or website or e-mail to tom@technologytom.co.uk


Make a short video (2 minutes maximum) of your Stadium Project and post it on your school website or on ‘you tube’ and e-mail the link to tom@technologytom.co.uk


Please note

A team can only take part in the competition if they are supported by their school or other recognized youth organization.

Prior to any judging of entries or awarding of prizes the teams entered must be verified as belonging to a school, college, youth organization etc.


Please get in touch if you would like to know more about the competition by e-mailing




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