Stadium Files

The number of resource files is steadily increasing. Many thanks to those who have made suggestions and sent in contributions. The list is set out below.

If you have purchased a Stadium Project Kit and would like to access any additional files as set out below simply e-mail a request.

If you are interested in the Stadium Project resource files and have not purchased a kit then please get in touch via e-mail and I will send some sample files.



Powerpoint presentations   .ppt

Stadium main presentation

Science Investigations strength of roll tube structures

Stadium Floodlights

Publisher files  .pub

General Primary topic web

Art and design topic web

Design and Technology topic web

Drama and dance topic web

English topic web

Geography topic web

History topic web

Languages topic web

Maths topic web

Music topic web

Personal skills topic web

Science topic web



Word files .doc

Olympic Games brief history

Useful Olympics links

Olympic park bid task (goes with next .doc file)

Shortlist of Olympic sites Tyneside (goes with previous .doc file)

Strength of materials 1. Paper

Strength of materials 2. Paper cylinders

Strength of materials 3. Paper roll tubes


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