Stadium Kit

The Stadium kit contains all of the materials and equipment needed to make a stadium of your own design....

23-4-11stad 003a

You can lay out the basic ‘cantilevers’ in a variety of ways or go for a conventional rectangular or square arrangement as above.

12-8-10 004a02

Then the seating, roof and accessories can be added. You can even have an event being hosted in the stadium!

Please note: A variety of designs are possible and this depends upon the imagination and design skills of the students taking part as well as the time available for the project and whether additional materials are used. The possibilities are endless! See ‘Stadium Project’ page.

The completed stadium is rather large!

The stadium towers are 60cm high with an additional 15cm height for the roof structure.

The ‘stands’ containing the card seating are 1metre long but can be extended with more rows of seats.

Overall the stadium size could be approx. 1.5m long, 1m (or greater) wide and 0.75m high but can be built smaller than this if space is tight.

The Stadium Kit contains:

4 stand bases
8 towers
24 tower blocks
56 dowels
6 roll tube mandrels
6 hole punches
6 rolls of masking tape
6 Pointed dowel drills
Paper for roll tubes
Card for seating
Plastic straws
Paper fasteners
Complete Instructions in powerpoint presentation format
Teacher notes, classroom resources, cross-curricular ideas, delivery plans etc.

21-4-11stad kit1 003a

The cost of the STADIUM KIT is £98.50

plus postage and packing £10.00

Your purchase gives you free entry into the

Stadium Competition

see ‘Stadium Competition’ page for full details of rules and prizes


Group size and management of the project

The kit contains enough materials and equipment for a whole class of 30 students to be fully occupied for at least a whole day of intensive practical activity but there are various ways to deliver the project and combine other classroom activities along the way. The project could then occupy a whole term if required and be the focal point for a bigger project altogether.

Additional materials can be added to extend the project.

The project can be teacher-led in a step by step fashion, following the instructions provided in Powerpoint presentation format, or be handed over completely to the whole group after subgroups and tasks have been negotiated.

Once up and running it is even possible to allow two or three students to project manage the whole project by allocating jobs and checking on progress. The teacher can then step back and assess progress by the whole group or individuals - and help keep an eye on the time!

See the ‘Stadium Project’ pages for full details of modes of delivery of the project and lots of great cross-curricular activities based around the stadium and the Olympic Games.


These photographs show a stadium which has been extended using accessories from the list below.

It has 14 towers (6 more than the basic kit) and it is enormous, measuring 2.5m long and
1.75m wide.

30-10-09 177a
30-10-09 182a02

22-4-11stad 006a

Single base with
hole for tower


22-4-11stad 002a

Double base with
two holes for towers


22-4-11stad 003a

Tower to fit base


22-4-11stad1 004a

Wooden dowel rod
length 15cm


22-4-11stad1 008a

Foam block


22-4-11stad1 001a

Hole punch


22-4-11stad1 006a

Roll tube mandrel


22-4-11stad1 003a

Masking tape


21-12-09 032b

Pointed dowel drill


26-4-11stad 010a

Bulb, battery and wires
kit for floodlights. With instructions.


22-4-11stad 045a

Two syringes
and 1m of tubing


22-4-11stad 053b

Winding up mechanism





Notes about the accessories (see also the ‘Stadium Project’ page for more ideas on using the accessories):

Single base and tower: Ideal for helping construct rounded corners in the stadium or experimenting with new stadium shapes or configurations.

Bulb, battery, wires kit: Ideal for making floodlights for the stadium.

The syringes and tubing can be used to make a pneumatics or hydraulics system to move the cantilevers eg. to raise the angle of a roof section of the stadium.

The winding up mechanism can also be used to raise or lower the angle of a cantilever.

Ordering and Postage costs

To Order the Stadium Kit or Accessories simply e-mail your requirements to


or post to


If you are a school, college or community organization then please provide an official order number and full contact details. Invoicing will be in the normal way after the goods have been sent.

Private individuals or groups will be asked to pay in advance by cheque and the goods will be sent immediately.


Postage and packing costs (Post Office standard parcel delivery 3 to 5 days):

£10.00 for the Stadium Kit

Costs vary for the accessories depending upon weight - I will advise as to postage cost after receiving your order.


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