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Engineers are the people who make ideas turn into reality and change our lives in doing so. They use a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience to make products, build structures and machines and solve problems on a gigantic scale. Without engineers we would have lots of ideas but no way to make them work and give us the Technology we all use and benefit from.


STEM projects are a great way to place children in the roll of ‘problem solvers’ just like real engineers.


Here are some STEM projects and brief descriptions which may be of interest. All of them build from a knowledge of scientific principles and basic mathematics into challenging and stimulating practical projects with strong curriculum links. They are great for team-building but there are also lots of opportunities for different individual practical outcomes.


Using the properties of materials to their maximum in order to create large, strong structures such as bridges, towers, buildings, stadiums etc. Work as a production team making the parts for the structure and plan how to improve production and produce top quality products.


Forces and motion

The ‘Rocket rescue challenge’. Learn how to make air pressure rockets (safe for use indoors or out) and use them to send messages, supplies and to rescue castaways.

Cranes and robot arms. Lifting and moving objects at a distance using levers, winding mechanisms, hydraulics and magnetism.



Construct powered vehicles and test them for speed, distance, ability to climb hills and cross different terrain eg. the surface of the Moon or another planet.


Our electric future

‘Inventors workshop’ Explore ideas for new products powered by electricity.


Our solar future

In future will all cars and transport systems be electric and will they obtain their energy from the Sun?


‘I’m an Engineer - get me out of here!!!!’

A school hall full of challenges. This is a carousel of team challenge activities. Groups of 3 pupils tackle the challenges one at a time within a time limit then move on after resetting everything ready for the next group. Lots of fun, lots of variety and a chance for everyone to shine.


There are lots more STEM projects and you may wish to develop your own based upon existing science or DT activities. Please get in touch by e-mail if you have any ideas or queries.



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