Toys and Forces

Investigating toys is a great way to learn about FORCES.

A FORCE can be a push or a pull.

A FORCE can make things move.

A FORCE can stop things from moving.

toys 024

A FORCE can stretch things.

A FORCE can squash things .

A FORCE can twist things

Can you think of some examples of
Buzz Light Year using FORCES in the Toy Story movies?

  1. When he pushes one of his special buttons which says ‘to infinity and....
  2. When he....
  3. When he....

Our muscles can make the FORCES we need to walk, speak, breathe, lift things up and to help us play with toys.

Have a look at the pictures of toys and for each one...

Say what the toy is called.

Say how it works or what you can do with it.

Say how it uses FORCES when we play with it.


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toys 034
toys 033
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Name some of the toys from Toy Story and describe them.

Describe how you play with them.

Describe how a Force makes them work.

Give some examples from the movie where Forces make things happen. For example, when someone gives Mr. Potato Head a slap on the back his hat, eyebrows, eyes and ears can sometimes fall off. This always makes me laugh!

Think of an example of Forces to do with ‘Slink’.

This is a toy truck, wagon or lorry.

If we give it a push it will move along the ground.

We use our muscles to make a FORCE to push the car along.

These pictures show a car and a motorbike.

They have a special heavy wheel inside them called a flywheel which we cannot see.

When you push them along the ground the flywheel spins very quickly and keeps on spinning even after we stop pushing.

This is a toy sailing boat or yacht.

The wind gives the sails a push and makes the yacht move in the water.

The wind makes a pushing Force against the sails.

This is a pilot with a helicopter backpack.

He has batteries which make electricity to turn the propellers.

The propellers push the air downwards and make enough Force to lift him off the ground.

A ball and cup is a very old toy.

We swing the ball up in the air and try to catch it in the cup.

The string pulls the ball up into the air and we move the cup to catch it.

This is a spinning top Santa Claus.

We pull the string and it makes Santa spin.

The harder we pull the faster he spins and stays upright for longer.

Chattering teeth. Jumping dog. Pecking chicken. Jitterbug. Aeroplane. These are all clockwork toys.

Can you see the key needed to wind some of them up?

When we turn the key using the Force of our muscles it makes a spring curl round and round and tighten up.

When we let go the spring unwinds and gives the toy a Force to make it move in its own special way.

Describe what each toy does.

This is my favourite toy. It is a very old fairground aeroplane ride.

We use the Force from our muscles to move the small shiny lever back and forth.

This makes the aeroplanes whizz round and round.

The more we push, the faster they go round and the higher they rise up.

They go so fast they look like a blurr.

This robot toy has batteries and a motor which make it move.

It has wheels underneath which grip the ground.

The wheels start to turn and push against the ground. This makes the robot move forward.