Tree Houses

In countries with rain forests it is not unusual to find native peoples living in houses built high up in the trees!

Scientists who want to study the animals and plants of the rain forest often work high up in the ‘canopy’ and travel by zip-wires from tree to tree.

These days you can even stay in a tree house for an adventure holiday!

papua ng treehouse

This is a real tree house built by natives of Papua New Guinea.

It is about 50metres above the ground.

The builders had to use natural materials from the forest.

They had to make giant ladders first!!!


This looks like great fun but very scary too! People move from house to house using zip wires and stop off at viewing platforms on the way!


The Tree house challenge

Design and make

  1. A tree house model
  2. A zip wire system between tree houses
  3. A way of traveling uphill on a zip wire
  4. A way of getting from ground level to the tree house without using ladders.


Here is how the year 6 pupils of Saint Benet’s RC Primary School tackled the challenge....

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