Viking Ships

The Vikings came from Norway and Denmark and raided the North East coat of England in AD 793. The monks of Lindisfarne recorded the Viking raids.


The Vikings built ships called ‘longships’ which had a large square or rectangular sail and carried oars so that they could still be powered even if the wind wasn’t blowing.

The ships must have been very frightening because of their fierce figureheads and brightly coloured sails.

They carried about 80 men who were fierce fighters and carried weapons such as swords and axes. They used large round shields as their armour.

Various groups today have built replica Viking ships modeled on the amazing ‘Gokstad’ ship which is in Oslo Viking museum in Norway.

vk_the_gokstad_ship[1] Stormy_Fiord_300w[1]

The longships were very well built and could travel very quickly through the water because of their streamlined shape. They were decorated with beautiful wood carvings called figureheads.


Here are some coins from England in the 9th or 10th century showing pictures of Viking longships


Above-right is an amazing ‘wind vane’ which would have been fitted high up on the longship, possibly on the mast top or above the figurehead at the rear of the ship. It swings around to point the direction of the wind - a very important thing for sailors!

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