Winding things up

The basic winding mechanism can be attached to all sorts of things eg. to a shoebox. The winder is attached using masking tape to the bottom end of the box which has been stood upright on one of the small ends.

IMG_1128_0002a02 30-10-10 002a

A string is then attached from the winding axle to the lid of the box. The lid is Ďpivotedí using a wooden dowel axle so that it can tilt up or down when pushed or pulled. The winding mechanism pulls the string which is attached to the lid and this causes the lid to move like a see-saw.

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30-10-10 004a02

This idea could be used in a crane, lifting bridge or drawbridge on a castle.

These models use the same winding mechanism as above but it is hidden behind the card scene. They were made by year 1 children at Saint Margaretís Primary School in Durham.

16-6-10 051a

This is a rescue helicopter winching up a person who has had an accident. You can see the string going in through the door of the helicopter. Then the string goes over the back of the yellow card scene and down to the winding mechanism.

16-6-10 049a

This is a building site crane lifting up a heavy load. You can see the buildings in red and the paper clip hook of the crane attached to the load being lifted. A ball of blu-tac has been used as a weight to keep the string tight. Real cranes also have a weighted hook.

There were lots of other ideas too including:

Various cranes with paper tube structures

A tow truck crane

Incy wincy spider

A wishing well

A fisherman with a worm on his hook trying to catch a fish

A wind up washing line


Well done all of the KS1 children at Saint Margaretís.

roll tube crane0002

A paper roll tube crane with a simple winding axle.

A modified winding mechanism made into a crane.


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