WW2 Structures

These amazing World War II scenes and structures were made by Year 6 pupils at

Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.

The pupils made a series of models including...

Pill boxes, Anderson shelters with beds and furniture, Bailey bridges, Tanks and Coastal defences.

Then they designed and made their own WWII SCENE.

Caedmon Primary 006a

An amazing battle scene

Caedmon Primary 005a

A battle tank crosses a Bailey bridge

Caedmon Primary 004a

A searchlight looks for the bombers

Caedmon Primary 010a
Caedmon Primary 012a
Caedmon Primary 013a
Caedmon Primary 002a

A very comfy Anderson shelter

Caedmon Primary 008a

A superbly camouflaged pill box

Caedmon Primary 009a

I hope itís a fine drying day!

Caedmon Primary 011a
Caedmon Primary 014a
Caedmon Primary 015a
Caedmon Primary 016a

Bailey bridges were built from triangulated steel girders and put together in the battlefield by the Royal Engineers. They used this type of bridge to replace stone, steel and wooden bridges that had been destroyed by the German army.

Caedmon Primary 018a Caedmon Primary 019a
Caedmon Primary 020a
Caedmon Primary 022a
Caedmon Primary 023a Caedmon Primary 021a
Caedmon Primary 026a
Caedmon Primary 028a
Caedmon Primary 024a Caedmon Primary 025a

Well done year 6 and your teacher Mr. Lancashire

 - it was his idea so donít forget to say a big


More about bridges

Bailey bridges are still used today!

This Bailey Bridge is in Luxembourg. It allows the road to cross a narrow but very deep river valley. Only traffic from one direction at  a time can cross it because it is very narrow.

12-8-10 015a
12-8-10 018a

This close-up view of one end of the bridge shows clearly how the separate sections are joined together by strong steel Ďpinsí which could be removed quite easily when it is time to take the bridge to pieces to make way for a more permanent structure. The steel pins in this bridge are like the wooden dowels in the model bridge since they hold the structure of steel girders (and paper tubes in the model) together.

When is a bridge not a bridge?

19-9-10 001a

This is the road bridge at the top of the A194(M) at Heworth in Gateshead. It looks like some Bailey bridges have been built on top of it! There are actually 4 of them - but why?

In fact they arenít really bridges at all. They have been put in place to strengthen the concrete road bridge while repairs are taking place to the supporting columns. They take some of the weight of the bridge and traffic while the supporting columns underneath the bridge are inspected for damage and repaired by Civil Engineers.

At the end of the project they will be taken to pieces and used elsewhere perhaps as a real bridge.

Bailey Bridges are fantastic!

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